16 Dec, 2016

Using Video to Market to Goldfish

16 Dec, 2016

Did you know the average attention span of adults is seven seconds? The attention span of a goldfish is eight seconds.

Additionally, Nielson Norman Group reports that people stay on a webpage for an average of 10-20 seconds. In this digital world, the attention span will only grow shorter. That’s not much time for businesses to sell their product or service. Despite decreasing attention spans, video continues to grow and capture attention. However, the video needs to meet a few requirements to keep audiences interested.


Videos with lots of movement and scenes that quickly change hold the audience’s interest. Even if the video is shot in one location, find a way to add unique features to jazz it up a bit such as adding graphics or special effects.

fast paced video flash


Keep the video short and to the point. You only have seven seconds to capture the audience’s attention and keep them watching. Sticking to a script is a helpful way to make sure the content doesn’t get off track or drag out too long.

Keep the video short


It’s highly likely that a website visitor is going to click the play button on your video. But, how long will they stay connected? Using an aesthetically pleasing location, props and colors that blend well with the website will keep your audience watching to the end.

video visual


An engaged audience is a happy audience. Keep them intrigued by centering the video on the audience. Answer the question, “How will this product or service be valuable to my audience?” rather than saying, “Here’s how great our product is!” You can also make the video engaging by talking directly to the camera when possible and including call to actions both in and around the video.

video is engaging

In this digital day, creating a product or company video is crucial to the success of your business. Consumers are responding to video, especially when it meets these requirements. Get started creating a video for your organization today!