23 Jan, 2017

Live Streaming Your Way to the Top

23 Jan, 2017


While polished and high quality videos are what consumers are looking for on the TV screen and online video ads, they’re looking for a little more authenticity on social media.

Given that 80 percent of millennials want brands to entertain them and that consumers quickly dismiss faceless companies, live streaming is becoming more and more crucial to keeping up with the competition.

Make it personal

Consumers crave authenticity. You don’t want to post any major mishaps, but on live video, imperfectness is expected, not to mention cherished. Find the balance between entertainment and sharing valuable information with your followers.

Make it fun

If you haven’t taken advantage of the filters, stickers and drawings on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, you’re missing out on some laughs. These features entertain followers, keep them engaged and build a genuine relationship.

Mix it up

Remember that you’re telling a story here (hence the name Instagram “Stories”). Using a mix of photos, video and Boomerangs to keep it interesting.

Have a plan

Instagram and Snapchat can be pretty spontaneous. However, Facebook doesn’t have any mercy for awkward moments. There are no start-overs and re-dos like on Instagram. Therefore, don’t just start the live video and hope for the best. It shouldn’t be scripted, but there should be a thought-out plan to stick to.

Build community

Live video is all about engagement. Ask questions, look into the camera and acknowledge your viewers. On Facebook, users can react and comment to live video. Instagram allows messages directly from the Story as well, so encourage your followers to respond.


Although live streaming dates back to the early 90s, it wasn’t until a few years ago that live video and “Stories” began creeping into your newsfeed. Since then, we can’t log on to Facebook or Instagram without seeing one. The marketing tactic is here to stay. It’s time to start integrating it into your video marketing strategy.