We house more than 25 years of gyrostabilized 35mm film, Cineflex and Arri Alexa aerials all across the United States. We specialize in Southeast footage but have videos ranging from the Southeast to the West Coast and all the way up to New York City. Our aerials can be licensed for use in movies, television shows, commercials, promotional videos, music videos – the possibilities are endless!

Our early filming jobs were from a jet ranger helicopter with the WESCAM gyro-stabilization camera mount, the 35 mm Arri camera and Panavision lenses. Today’s industry standard is more in high definition taping, where we have migrated.

Filming in Georgia has never been easier. Rather than filming the scene yourself, learning the regulations of drones or waiting for the weather to cooperate, you can browse our extensive video library to find the aerial video you need. We are often asked about using drones, which is something we can accommodate, but always remind clients they have serious limitations in both air space and quality of footage.

View our collection here. Check out our Sizzle Reel and YouTube channel to view more videos. Please call with inquiries. We offer highly personalized service.