29 Mar, 2016

5 Reasons Video Marketing is Vital to Your Business

29 Mar, 2016

You’re browsing through your social media feed – scrolling past miles of text, briefly pausing to look at a photo that catches your eye – and then something happens that stops you in your tracks. An image with a simple circle and a triangle in the middle urging you to click it – the video play button, also known as the most powerful, yet simplest, call to action.

The first few seconds will determine the success of the video. Was it shot with an mobile phone? Is the camera stable? Is it dark, blurry or otherwise visually unappealing? Video has a great power to reel people in and keep them engaged – if it’s done right. Let’s discuss why you need video marketing in the first place.

  1. Video attracts a wide audience

According to Hubspot.com, 55 percent of people watch at least one video online per day. Fifty-five percent – more than half of the population! While some of them may be funny cat videos, people also watch videos on products they’re interested in. If it makes a good impression, you can bet those impressions will translate into sales.

  1. YouTube is the second largest search engine

Yes, before Yahoo and Bing and directly following Google. Make sure your business is picking up that traffic. Having a presence on YouTube will also boost your SEO, meaning a higher placement on Google search results. Let’s be honest. We rarely go past the first couple of pages on Google, so make sure you’re on the first page.

  1. Video builds brand awareness

Think about how you view social media. Do you stop to read a long post about a product from a business? Probably not. Creating video for your product or your business catches the eye of the consumer, drives traffic to your website and ultimately converts into sales.

  1. Vine

Who knew six seconds could be so fascinating? With more than 40 million users and no sponsored advertisements, Vine is quickly taking over. Vine is an effective tool for companies to create funny, catchy videos – like Malibu Rum did with their first Vine.

  1. Video has power

Video. Has. Power. They show that a company is trustworthy, credible and has value. If a company is willing to put in the effort to make a video (especially if it’s high quality and professionally made), it shows that they are excited about and proud of their product, and want you to be as well.

Video isn’t just a passing fad – it’s the future of marketing. Let us help you create a high-quality video to help your brand grow. With our shared studio time, you’ll not only get a professional video, but a great price. Contact us today to learn more!