07 Jun, 2016

Behind the Scenes Studio Tour

07 Jun, 2016

We love working in the field. Filming someone in their natural surroundings helps them to feel relaxed and can make the video more relatable. But, every video is different, and not every video needs to be filmed on location. Podcasts, webinars and interviews sometimes work better in the studio.

Take a tour of our high definition studios, learn about our full production team and visualize the exciting content you can create!

directors booth

Stop number one: the director’s booth. This is one of two fully modern digital set-ups where the director, technical director and graphics and show producer will manage the set. Don’t have a director? Don’t worry; we’ve got that covered.

sound booth

That’s a lot of buttons! But, we have trained producers to manage this technical setup during filming.

On set video

The primary news set features three HD cameras, monitors and cameraperson headsets. It offers a more formal setting and can be used for filming panel discussions, talk shows or newscasts.

customizable set

This customizable news set – the “Side Set” – can be used with in-house furniture for a more relaxed environment. It also features three HD cameras, monitors and cameraperson headsets.

video cameras

The studio offers multiple Hitachi HD cameras with pedestals plus Jimmy Jibs (camera cranes). With multiple cameras, we use different angles while recording to create a more dynamic video.


This could be you! Don’t let our fancy high-tech studios intimidate you. We’ll handle all of the technical and creative work from developing an idea to final editing. Contact us to book one of the studios with our full production team, and find out how you can save. Experience the positive results that video can bring to your business!