09 Feb, 2016

How to Properly Declare Your Love Using Video

09 Feb, 2016

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s difficult to shield your eyes from the heaps of heart-shaped chocolate truffles and stuffed animals that are bigger than you are that engulf the entrance of every store. For some, these items are right up your alley, but for others, they’re vastly overrated. If you’re part of the latter group, we hope your alternate idea isn’t to declare your love through song, tears and a homemade video like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.


However, if videos are your idea of a romantic gesture, we suggest using these guidelines.


  1. Make sure your video has a purpose

Don’t include multiple messages. Have one clear message and make sure it doesn’t get lost in the noise.purpose

  1. Plan it out

Start with an idea, find the direction and write a script. Don’t get in front of the camera and hope the words will magically come to you.


  1. Use a high quality camera

If the budget allows, hire a professional. It’s worth it. Contact us about our shared studio time for a great rate!


  1. Have a call to action

You want the goodnight kiss? Don’t expect your significant other to pick up on your subtle hints. Tell them exactly what you’re asking of them!


Happy Valentine’s Day!