23 Sep, 2016

The Many Hats of a Video Production Company

23 Sep, 2016

Refuel with Chocolate Milk from Broadcast Solutions on Vimeo.

A lot goes into a one-minute video. From the initial brainstorming session to editing the finished product, countless hours are spent to make the video perfect. While production teams differ in size, most crewmembers are often wearing several different hats.


Brainstormers wear the thinking cap. This is normally a team effort between the video production team and the client. The team pitches ideas and both the client and the production team decide on one final direction.


Once the direction is decided, the team begins writing the script. The scriptwriter wears both the creative hat and the scientific hat. The story must be carefully crafted to convey the message in a logical sequence of events that also intrigues the viewer. Sometimes, the screenwriter is even drafting interview questions for the director.


We all know the director wears the director’s beret. All jokes aside, the role of the director is crucial. With creativity and craft, the director’s main responsibility is to ensure the written story comes to life on the screen. Additionally, the director may be asking interview questions to the subject of the video, setting the location and working with the actors. Overall, the director perfects the general look and feel of the video.


If moms and dads had a hat, that’s the one the producer would wear. The producer is basically the group leader and manager. He or she ensures the filming process goes smoothly and handles the logistics of the film such as the budget, location, schedule and the hiring and managing of the crew.

Production Manager

Production managers switch hats all day long. He or she is often responsible for the logistics of production such as making sure equipment is present, working and in the right place as well as acting as the teleprompter operator, makeup artist and stage manager.

Camera Operator

The camera operator is normally in a ball cap (no metaphor here; it’s just the truth). He or she isn’t just shooting the footage; he or she is also ensuring the lighting is optimized and that the shots are high quality and pleasing to the eye. The camera operator also may be taking the role of 1st AC (camera assistant), who makes sure the camera is operating properly, the right lens is being used and that all pieces of the camera are readily available.


Just about everything on a set requires electricity, so it’s helpful to have someone in a construction hat on set. The electrician may be hooking up cables to prepare for production or installing televisions in the airport.


The editor puts themselves in the shoes (or should we say hat?) of the audience. Scrolling through hours of footage, the editor arranges individual shots into one fluid video that will flow logically while keeping the audience intrigued. Additionally, he or she will choose the right music to place at the right moment to help the audience connect with the story.

What hats can we wear for you?