17 Oct, 2016

The Scary Truths of a Marketing Plan Without Video

17 Oct, 2016

This Halloween you may find yourself spooked by haunted houses, horror movies, bloodsucking vampires and eerie black cats. However, there’s one thing that seems to be spooking those in the business world: a marketing plan without video. Not intimidated? Maybe these scary truths will change your mind.

The content won’t be as engaging.

Did you know humans process visual content 60,000 times faster than text? It’s our natural instinct to be more engaged by video than text. It’s easier on the brain!

video marketing scratching head

The brand misses out on emotional connection with the audience.

Video forms an emotional connection with the audience. Don’t hide behind a mask; show your audience the brand’s personality by revealing the faces beneath the mask.

video marketing engaging

You could lose sales.

A video on your company’s website can boost conversion rates by 80 percent. Additionally, adding the word “video” to your email subject line can increase the click-through rate by 200-300 percent. Without video, you’re left with a high website bounce rate and a free ride to the “deleted” folder of your audience’s inbox. Yikes!

video marketing yikes

Posts will reach fewer people on Facebook.

Facebook wants to show more relatable content to users and keep them on the Facebook site, so they’re suppressing text, links and photos posted by brands. However, they are also trying to push their site as a video-friendly network (because people love video). It’s like magic – upload a high quality and well-made video to Facebook, wiggle your nose and watch the numbers grow.

video marketing magic

Viral potential equals zero.

No kid wants to share their candy, but everyone wants to share video! Well, 92 percent of mobile video consumers do. It’s every brand’s dream to go viral, so post a video to increase that possibility.

You’ll end up on page two (or more) of the Google search results.

Also known as the best place to hide a body, page two of the Google search results is not where you want to be. Video offers great SEO benefits by generating inbound links and social shares.

video marketing SEO

Happy Halloween!