23 Aug, 2016

Why You Should Film Your Next Project in Georgia

23 Aug, 2016

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Georgia’s film industry is on the rise bringing in $7 billion in the 2016 fiscal year. From the bustling city of Atlanta to the breathtaking scenery of Savannah, filmmakers find Georgia is the place to be for filmmaking. Why are filmmakers flocking to the Peach State?

Filming in Georgia can save you money.

Not only is the cost of living much lower in Georgia, but Georgia production incentives also provide up to 20 percent of Georgia production expenditures in transferable tax credits. Earn 10 percent more by displaying the Georgia peach logo in the credits and a link to TourGeorgiaFilm.com on the promotional website.

Georgia has a wide array of filming locations.

Georgia has high tech studios and beautiful settings for any type of film or documentary. Looking to film live foliage in January? Visit the coast of Tybee Island. Based in Atlanta, but need a rural setting? The bucolic countryside of the Blue Ridge Mountains is just a drive away.

Georgia has plenty of talent.

At no charge, you can find crew and vendors through Reel-Crew. Georgia also has an outstanding talent pool of actors and casting companies. Just think: Tyler Perry, Brittany Murphy, Julia Roberts and Ed Helms just to name a few, are all from the Atlanta area!

Several shows and movies are being filmed in Georgia already.

If you’ve ever been an “early adopter” of the latest tech gadget or an undiscovered rock band, you know the feeling you get when you can say to someone with satisfaction, “You’re just now hearing about that?” This is one of the times you want to be an early adopter like the networks that are already filming television shows and movies here in Georgia.

Georgia was named as the 2016 best place to live and work as a moviemaker.

In 2015, Atlanta rang in at sixth place on the 2015 list, but just one year later, it comes out on top. With several big name films and television series such The Divergent Series: Allegiant, X-Men Apocalypse, The Walking Dead and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Georgia has become “the Hollywood of the East Coast.”

We’re here.

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