13 May, 2016

Video Production: 5 Myths Busted

13 May, 2016

It’s Friday the 13th – the most dreaded, unlucky and superstitious day in American culture. Don’t cross the black cat, don’t walk under the open ladder, don’t buy a lottery ticket, don’t step on the sidewalk crack (or you’ll break your mother’s back!) are just a few of the superstitions to beware of today. While those Friday the 13th myths may have some truth to them, here are a few about video production that need to be busted.

  1. My business doesn’t need video

People believe this myth until they’ve heard the statistics. Fifty-five percent of people watch at least one video online per day and 78 percent watch at least one video per week. It’s no doubt that people love watching videos. If you want to stand out from your competitors, your business definitely needs video.

  1. Video production is too expensive, and I can do it myself

Many businesses think they can create videos themselves. While it’s technically true that you can, it doesn’t always mean that you should. There are many factors to take into account when determining the expense of a video – the task at hand, the video production company, special pricing (like our shared studio time) and how much your business plans to contribute. Remember, a small investment will produce a great return.

  1. There’s no call to action beyond the “play” button

Yes, the play button is the strongest and most effective call to action. But, the call to action is more than just the play button. There are plenty of opportunities for a call to action in a video. It could be putting contact information on the screen, having a link box pop up on a YouTube video to invite viewers to visit your website or subscribe or physically stating a call to action in the video. Video is actually more effective in generating results from a call to action because it creates trust with the viewer.

  1. Video doesn’t open the dialogue for two-way communication

There’s an argument that video may be reversing back to the idea of one-way communication in the days of flyers and commercials and people talking at you rather than to you. It’s important to remember that video isn’t a one-stop shop for your entire marketing campaign. It’s only meant to be integrated into your digital marketing strategy. Using video to tell stories opens discussion when you post them on social media or when you host a live webinar.

  1. No one will ever find my video.

This myth is somewhat true. It’s unlikely that a consumer will just stumble upon your video. That’s why video is only part of the marketing strategy. With effective marketing tactics and promotion, your video will reach your consumers. And, once it generates enough views, likes, shares and comments, YouTube will move it further toward the top of the results page.

As you go through the rest of your Friday the 13th, beware of the myths that could cause you bad luck for seven years. And, as you continue to grow your business, beware of these video production myths. Remember, it takes more than just a little luck to be successful.